The Bird Union Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against National Audubon Society

On November 18, Audubon workers filed an unfair labor practice charge (ULP) with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that Audubon leadership broke federal law.

The Union maintains that Audubon's decision to force its 2023 health plans on union employees is a violation of federal law. Under the NLRA, healthcare is a mandatory subject of bargaining, meaning that Audubon cannot legally make any changes to healthcare benefits of represented employees without approval from the Union. Despite this, Audubon has ignored the Union's requests and has instead knowingly flouted the law by forcing represented employees to enroll in inferior health plans. These plans are more expensive, inequitable, and ableist, pushing costs onto the organization’s most vulnerable staff.

Audubon's decision to raise health care costs on its employees is particularly concerning during the current healthcare and inflation crisis. Many people are struggling to afford basic needs, including healthcare, and the additional costs imposed by Audubon's new plans will only make it harder for our lower earners to access the care they need. The Bird Union is calling on Audubon to reverse its decision and to adhere to federal labor law. It is not acceptable for an organization to flout the law and to put the health and financial stability of its employees at risk in order to save money, while at the same time touting the organization’s financial strength.

We ask that you join us and add your voice to our call by sending emails to Audubon leadership by signing this petition