NLRB Statement

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The Audubon for All union was outraged to learn late last night that Interim CEO Dr. Elizabeth Gray, Board Chair Maggie Walker, the National Board of Directors, and executive leadership of the National Audubon Society are refusing to agree to an expedited election with a trusted third party, the American Association of Arbitration. Our proposal was for a fast election process via an online platform that would ensure every worker had safe, easy access to cast their vote—especially important for our distributed staff network during a global pandemic.

It is Audubon management that has continued to delay this process by first refusing to voluntarily recognize our union, which has the support of the majority of eligible Audubon workers. It is Audubon management that is continuing to refuse to sign a legally binding neutrality agreement. And it is Audubon management that is now moving the goalposts by refusing our proposal to hold an expedited election through an established, respected third party, claiming that they specifically requested an National Labor Relations Board election—which they did not. They simply want to delay. We expect they will raise objections at the NLRB and stall the election there as well. But we will prevail.

We will continue to work as a union to build an Audubon for All.