We are the Organizing Committee

These are the reasons we want a union! What are yours?

Refugio Mariscal

he/him/his • Chicago, IL

Being a member of a union before joining Audubon, I have first-hand experience in how beneficial they are for workers. A union can help us create the change we want and ensure that the aspects of our work that we love remain in place in a legally binding contract, not just promises. Audubon employees deserve to have a collective voice in the work we feel so incredibly passionate about.

Alisa Opar

She/her • Missoula, MT

I love my job and I deeply value my creative, smart, dedicated colleagues. With a union we have a united voice that protects our jobs and bolsters a sustainable and equitable working environment. We are stronger together.

Sharon Bruce

She/her • Troy, NY

When our creative and experienced staff put their ideas into a contract, I’m certain my life at Audubon will improve in ways I couldn’t have dreamed on my own. One day I may thank them for a super easy 6-month maternity leave. Or a sabbatical that takes me birding to see hawk migration in Colombia. I’m ready to do some legwork if it means we all fly together!

Dan Burns

he/him • New York, NY

It’s about being a part of something bigger than all of us, to make the changes that we need. A coalition of our colleagues, our friends. We are working together to demand a role for everyone in decision making, job security, fair & equitable pay and so much more. WE are fighting for every single person. The work we do matters; by forming this union, WE will make sure that we can continue doing this work that we love in a sustainable way. WE are the union.

Safiya Cathey

Olive Branch, Mississippi

I want a union because over the years that I’ve worked here, I’ve seen a lot change, some for the better, and some for the worse. We used to have vacation time roll over from year to year if we didn’t use it, people even had pensions! When management wants to change our wages or working conditions, they should negotiate with us as a group, like other unionized nonprofits.

Ivonne Chavez

Chicago, IL

It is rare when someone enjoys their job. I am one of those rare people. But the cherry to that pie is job security. I want a union for job security and equity.

Xian Chiang-Waren

New York, NY

A mission-driven non-profit becomes the best version of itself when its employees are fully empowered. Audubon needs a union so we can do our best work without fear. I bet we'll be able to achieve even more for birds, the planet, and people, too.

Nic Dixon

Baton Rouge, LA

After all the layoffs, we clearly need a union for job security. But this is also an opportunity for Audubon to show they care about workers -- which is especially important as we advocate for a transition away from fossil fuels.

Marina Fisher-Phelps

she/her/hers • Dallas, TX

As an early career professional, I want transparency and equitability in the career advancement process guaranteed through a union contract. Also as an LGBTQIA++ and disabled person, a union will provide employees an equal voice for inclusion of marginalized communities, including intersectional identities.

Sarah Friedman

she/her/hers • Washington, D.C.

When I started working at Audubon I thought I was lucky to have a job at all. After seven years at this organization I can say with certainty that Audubon has some of the most talented and passionate staff I’ll ever work with. The union gives us protection, support, and power we need in order to thrive at work. So next time there's a budget shortfall or we aren't being treated well by a supervisor, we have options to protect our jobs and well being so no one suffers in silence.

Nicolas Gonzalez

he/him • Los Angeles, CA

I love my job at Audubon, and I am also proud to join the clear majority of my colleagues in support of the Audubon Union. We need a union because it will serve as a safety net to protect the people who protect birds and the places they need. Unions can legally secure better pay, better benefits, and give workers a seat at the table.

Rachel Guillory

she/her/hers • New Orleans, LA

Every nonprofit I’ve worked at, including Audubon, has staff who are overworked, underpaid, and at risk of burning out or getting laid off. That turnover makes it hard to do my job well, or get to know my coworkers as people. Our union will give us the security and stability we need to make Audubon a better place to work.

Gregoriah Hartman

ze/zim/zirs • Washington, D.C.

I was a union rep at my first non-profit job, and my father was a union machinist. I'm proud of my union roots and know that being part of a union is a critical way to make workplaces more equitable.

Pedro Hernandez

Fresno, CA

For an organization that is trying to reckon with racism and white supremacy, Audubon can do the right thing by recognizing our union and ceding real power to frontline BIPOC staff. Our union can keep Audubon management accountable to live up to its words, and to the organization’s mission.

Tykee James

Washington, D.C.

I'm joining our union because I believe our collective labor should not go towards upholding the status quo to define our success. I can no longer tolerate or witness the injustice and hypocrisy that my fellow Audubon employees have survived and do nothing. I'm joining our union because I believe the National Audubon Society and our 1.6 million members will realize the benefits of a more empowered workforce.

Joey Kahn

Phoenix, AZ

As an almost new dad, it’s important to me that Audubon is a place that supports and welcomes families. That means competitive parental leave, vacation rollover that matches laws in progressive states, equitable benefits, and transparent and standardized leave policies that reflect our values. I love Audubon and believe that through organizing and collective bargaining, we will make it a sustainable and impactful organization.

Chandler Lennon

he/him/his • New York, NY

As a grassroots organization, Audubon is only as powerful as its committed and dedicated workforce. I support a union because it’s time leadership respects our value with pay equity, job security, and a sustainable and equitable working environment. Together, as a union, we have the power to hold leadership accountable and to fight for a diverse, inclusive, and equitable Audubon for All.

Haymar Lim

Tiburon, CA

I want to unionize because I know that most of my fellow coworkers are the selfless and passionate types of people that always give 110% to fight for the things we care about. I know that too many of us are ready to martyr ourselves to do our part in creating a better world and we risk burning ourselves out for a fallacy. No individual is infallible and sacrificing a sustainable work-life balance to try and do as much as possible alone is not the solution our environment needs; such notions of rugged individualism obscure our greatest strength which is each other. I believe in us as a team and I believe that by giving all staff a seat at the table, a union brings us together to do our best work and preserve our longevity.

Corey Lycopolus

Phoenix, AZ

Education and outreach are some of the best tools at Audubon’s disposal as we work towards our mission of ‘protecting birds and the places they need today and tomorrow’, but as we saw last summer, educators tend to be the first on the chopping block. A union can and will help secure these roles so we can focus on our work and not worry about if we’ll be keeping our jobs.

Max Malmquist

West Valley City, UT

To reach its full potential as an organization, we as Audubon staff need to have a workplace that reflects our values, our beliefs, and supports our growth as individuals and as professionals. We need job security, pay equity, and to have a seat at the table when deciding what policy and strategies we support. Our union will empower us to become an 'Audubon for All', where our voices will be heard and our dedication, commitment and passion can thrive.

Sally Maxwell

she/her • Santa Fe, NM

Over the last year, we’ve seen lots of talk and very little action from Audubon leadership. We want accountability and transparency from our leaders. We want an equitable and just workplace. We want job security and a living wage. We want our collective voice heard! And we want it on paper. We want a union.

Erin Meade

she/hers • Washington, D.C.

I am organizing with my colleagues for an Audubon that respects and supports all of its workers. We all deserve good, affordable health insurance and living wages with opportunity for career advancement.

Shyamlee Patel

she/her/hers • New York, NY

I love my job and want to spend my career here working for an organization whose mission I support. But when management changed my health insurance this year without us having a say, I knew that I needed a union. Being a union means we have a seat at the table and can protect what we like in a contract for more security and sustainability in our work and in our livelihoods.

Patricia Nagle

New York, NY

I believe that every worker deserves to have a voice in their workplace. The union makes our workplace fairer for all and helps us better protect birds and the environment they depend on.

Marisa Rader

She/Her/Hers • New York, NY

I’m organizing to lift up the collective voice of Audubons’ employees in our decision-making, ensure job security across the Audubon network, and create real opportunities for professional development.

Jose Santiago

Philadelphia, PA

I want a union because I feel workers should have a seat at the table.

Bethany Sheffer

West Cornwall, CT

Ensuring that Audubon’s workforce is provided proper compensation, stability, and support translates to maintaining employees who are passionate about protecting birds and the places they need.

Kassandra Smith

she/her • Anchorage, AK

Audubon employees are the heart of this organization and in many ways give our own heart to advance the conservation priorities set forth by leadership.. With a union our jobs would be secure so we could work towards achieving goals without fear that we will be laid off with less than 48 hours' notice. Together we are powerful.

Marisa Vertees

Washington, DC

We need a union because we as workers need to be able to have a say in the organization, in our pay, our benefits, our EDI work, and the goals of the organization. A union will make sure we have a seat at the table, and that we can make sure management fulfills the promises that they make. A union will make our organization stronger, and let all of us be more secure in the work that we love and value.

Hannah Waters

She/her • New York, NY

Audubon workers are the heart of this company, and it’s past time we had an established voice. Our union gives us a say in the work we do and how we do it. Our union improves our workplace. Our union fulfills Audubon’s mission by giving us the security to do our best work and by fostering a deeper network of conservationists.

Bria Wimberly

Philadelphia, PA

I joined Audubon a year ago and what brought me to this organization wasn't just the conservation work, but the people work as well. If our mission is to center the needs of our society, then we should do that internally as well. Unionization is the answer.

Maddox Wolfe

Washington, D.C.

I want a union for job security, dignity in my work, protecting our fellow employees, having a voice in my life and my job.

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