10,000 signatures to Dr. Elizabeth Gray / Mark Your Calendars!

Dear all,

Today we took our boldest, most visible step yet to show National Audubon Society management the strength and determination of our union. Led by our local workers, Audubon for All held an in-person rally outside the D.C. office and delivered a petition with more than 10,000 signatures to Dr. Elizabeth Gray. This was a huge moment for our organizing efforts, and a display of solidarity that Audubon’s executives cannot ignore.

D.C. Solidarity Rally!

Speakers included OC members Tykee, Maddox, Sarah, and Marisa.

The petition calls on Dr. Gray to do the right thing and voluntarily recognize our union, just as the Sierra Club, the Sunrise Movement, and other environmental organizations have done. The thousands of signatures we dropped off today include current and former staff and leadership from across the organization, as well as Audubon members from all over the country—members who want their contributions to support conservation, not the union-busting law firm Dr. Gray and leadership continue to side with. And they include proud members of other unions who know the power of organizing and signed the petition to show they’ve got our backs.

Check out this heartwarming thread of supporters’ petition comments to feel the solidarity from every corner of the country.

And for more union fun: Join our new Slack channel #audubon-union! More supporter quotes, pictures, and of course all your union buddies to hang out with online in our virtual “office” that is Slack.

D.C. Solidarity Rally!

While only a fraction of us could be there in person, our colleagues in D.C. brought throngs of union supporters along in spirit. Thanks to everyone who sent a selfie or group photo in solidarity, the rally featured printed-out pictures of many of us.

D.C. Solidarity Rally! D.C. Solidarity Rally! D.C. Solidarity Rally!

Audubon workers are dedicated to our jobs and to each other, and won’t stop fighting for job security, better benefits, and fair, transparent pay. These acts of visibility are powerful. The sea of Audubon for All Zoom backgrounds and profiles on Wednesday’s all-staff call inspired more workers to sign cards, further strengthening our majority.

Mark your calendar for next Sunday June 27th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for our next union membership meeting! More updates soon!

Together we will win our union and a fair contract. Today’s display of collective strength helped bring that day closer.

In Solidarity,
Your coworkers and Audubon for All Organizing Committee